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Support Center Services

Data Backup/Transfer

Data Backup/Transfer: $25
The IT Store will backup documents as well as other important data and transfer the data to a new device.

*For all data backups, either a jump drive or an external hard drive is REQUIRED.
**If an iOS device backup is needed, a personal computer is REQUIRED unless iCloud is setup on the device.

IT Training

IT Training: FREE
The IT Store will provide training on basic IT related topics. Please be sure to provide additional details regarding your training request.

Microsoft Office Install

Microsoft Office Install: FREE
The IT Store will install Microsoft Office onto the user’s device.

New System Setup

New System Setup: FREE
The IT Store will help with the initial setup of the user’s device. This includes account setup, email setup, and network setup.

New System Setup Basic Bundle: $15
The IT Store will install the following onto the user’s computer:
Antivirus: Malwarebytes
Media Player: VLC
PDF Reader: Adobe Acrobat Reader
Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome

OS Recovery

OS Recovery: $45
The IT Store will assist in resetting the user’s device back to factory settings.

Virus/Malware Removal

Virus/Malware Removal: $45
The IT Store will install the recommended campus antivirus program onto the user’s computer, will inspect for viruses/malware, will ensure the removal of any potentially unwanted programs, and will clean up any affected web browsers

Windows Setup on Mac

Bootcamp Setup: $30
The IT Store will utilize Bootcamp to setup dual boot and install Windows 10 onto the user’s Mac.

Service Agreement

The IT Store will use its best efforts to resolve technical problems in a professional, reasonable, and timely manner. The IT Store does not assure that every request for technical support will be resolved. Technical problems may be a result of software or hardware failure, corruption of data, or user error and may not be correctable.

You acknowledge and agree that prior to allowing the IT Store to perform diagnostic repair or any other services on your device, it is your responsibility to backup data and other files stored on your device.

You acknowledge and agree that the IT Store shall not be held liable under any circumstances for any loss or corruption of data and/or software or hardware.

You acknowledge and agree that the IT Store shall not be held liable for any problems arising from third party software installed on your device by our technicians, you, or other third parties. The IT Store shall not be held liable for lost data due to hardware failure, virus, corruption, or any other instance. If any problems with third party software or hardware arise, it is your responsibility to obtain support from the manufacturer of the product at fault.

By acknowledging and agreeing to this Service Agreement, you agree to release and hold harmless the IT Store from and against any loss, liability, or damage. You are claiming the device is yours or you have permission to allow the IT Store to perform work on the device.

If you are looking into bringing your device into the store for service, please be sure to fill out a Support Request in order to set up an appointment with us.

As all devices and issues are unique, the IT Store reserves the right to terminate the Service Agreement if we deem a solution is unable to be reached. If the IT Store terminates the Service Agreement, you will not be responsible for paying the balance.

If you experience any recurring problems regarding the initial issue within 1-2 business days after your appointment date, please contact us to set up another appointment FREE of charge at the IT Store’s discretion.

Please note:
We DO NOT schedule appointments after 3:30PM.
Device(s) are required to be picked up BEFORE 5:00PM or a charge of $5 per day will be added to your balance.
In some cases, please allow 2-3 hours for us to service your device.

The A-State IT Store accepts credit cards (except American Express) and Express Dollars. We do not accept cash and/or checks. If you have either cash/check, you can go to the Cashier’s Window located on the second floor of the Student Union and put your cash/check on your A-State ID Card to use as Express Dollars.