Meet Our Team

Heather Boothman


Hi, I’m Heather Boothman and I have worked at the IT Store since 2012, shortly after the opening. I have been the IT Store Manager since 2013 where we have assisted many students, faculty, and staff with their purchase through support phases with their technology needs. I love working at the IT Store because of our staff and have had the pleasure of working with amazing students over the years and seeing them grow has been very rewarding. I don’t always get to assist students, faculty, and staff when they come in, but when I do, they inspire me. Our campus community has great ideas and are always willing to learn new technology, which makes our workshops and training very interactive. I would love to be able to say that I have fully traded my computer for an iPad, but that hasn’t happened yet. Goals. We all have our own goals that we strive for. We would love to meet you and if we can help meet any of those goals, stop by the IT Store. See you soon.

Alexa DeHart

IT Help Desk

My name is Alexa DeHart. I have been on the Help Desk since February 2020, but I have worked at the IT Store since 2017. I graduated from Arkansas State with a Bachelor’s in Computer and Information Technology in December 2019. I live in Piggott, AR with my three dogs. My favorite thing about working on the Help Desk is getting to help students that are struggling to use technology utilize it to better their education.

Kristen Morara Tucker

IT Help Desk

Hi, my name is Kristen Tucker and I am from Lake Village, AR. I have worked on the IT Help Desk for over 2 years. I also graduated from A-State with a degree in CIT. I enjoy helping students, faculty, and staff with their technology needs.

“We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein​

Alicia “Ally” Santos

Sales Associate

Hi there, my name is Alicia “Ally” Santos. I am a senior English major here at A-State and I’ve been working at the IT Store since 2018. Working at the IT Store has helped me make friendships and professional relationships that have really helped me feel at home here at A-State. I am super grateful to be able to work at such a fun, important place on campus where I can meet students, faculty and staff, and assist their technological needs to the best of my ability.

Zach Curtis

Sales Associate

Hello! My name is Zach Curtis and I am a senior Computer and Information Technology major at Arkansas State University.  I joined the A-State IT Store team in January 2021. I have enjoyed my time here at A-State learning about and researching different types of technology and working at the IT Store has only brought more experience and knowledge. I enjoy working in an environment that allows me to interact with fellow students and assist them with various technological problems.