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Kii is a key-shaped charging cable that fits on your keychain so you can charge and sync your device – whether it be an iPhone or an iPad, wherever you go – it’s always with you!

The Bluelounge Kii is a compact USB-to-Lightening connector. The Kii is completely designed for your Apple product. It can be hung on a key ring and offers ease of use, accessibility, and mobility for all your Apple products that take advantage of the Lightning connector.

Features include:
-Kii for Lightning-enabled devices (available in both black and white)
-Self-locking system ensures it doesn’t slip off your keychain
-Attaches directly on your keychain with the rest of your keys
-Lightweight and inconspicuous design blends in with your regular keys
-Best used with laptops and is not recommended for use with desktop computers

We currently offer the Bluelounge Kii for $38.99. Come to the store to check it out! You can also head over to our Pinterest page and check it out – Bluelounge Kii.